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Originally Posted by LaurenM View Post
i wish i was better at socialising!!
problem is that i suck at striking up new conversations, and when people try talking to me i suck at warming up to new people, and when i actually get close to someone i'm either too shit at expressing affection for them or i cling them way too much and they get sick of me ahahahahahaha
honestly, same. I think it gets better with age, you know, we're all unstable and hormonal and if you go to public school then you're being forced into a building full of other people who are unstable and hormonal too, and no one has really developed their identity fully or truly knows how to communicate with other people.
We just have to try to grow into our own skin a bit better and hope it improves our sociality.
Little boy inside my chest
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I've been lost and wandering
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(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
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