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Feeling like alienating myself from everyone bc yeah I'm kind of a burden anyways. I mean I'm probably too selfish to actually do it but I think I just need to stop like. Being a person. I'm not even really a person just kind of a problematic blob but you know. Hopefully my parents don't see this lmao. They'd try to make me feel better but it's all kind of superficial anyways bc they don't actually know anything about me and don't actually want to hear my problems bc that would humanize me and make me into something besides their blob daughter who seems mildly content all the time. They freak out when I cry I know it makes them uncomfortable.
Even when I do service I'm not a good person and my personality is it just kind of . There and square like no one actually wants to talk to the girl who constantly looks like a pale of dishwater and makes everyone else uncomfortable. Not even a nice person I try to be but I'm too self-absorbed and aloof to do anything really good.
Sorry lmao don't respond sorry Im spreading negativity but again too self absorbed to not post this. Pls just like ignore me though I just needed somewhere to vent because I don't want to burden my friends anymore. So naturally I burden you guys ugh sorry no. Sorry.
Can't even cry rn bc I'm traveling with my parents and we're in the same room and I could never explain to them why I'm crying.
Yeah no gotta blast sorry.
kind of at the point where like I wouldn't kill myself but if I died that would be chill. Like yeah I'm into that. Sounds good. Just like fade away.
I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
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