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Originally Posted by Syafai View Post

The Final Countdown - Queen

Immortals - Fall Out Boy

Centuries - Fall Out Boy
The Final Countdown brings back sick drama memories, also it pulls off the whole keytar thing (at least that's what I call it), which a lot of songs from that era didn't imo.

Immortals- that and Sugar We're Goin Down is on my jam-out playlist rn and it inspires me to write more.

Centuries- not as fond of this band's newer stuff. but it's still good. :3

Swallowtail I'm sorry, I would comment on one of your songs but I don't recognize them and I can't currently listen to them ;n;

Thunder- Imagine Dragons
Believer- Imagine Dragons
Hallelujah- the Pentatonix version > I strongly recommend this one, it gave me chills the first couple times I listened. But if you're looking for something with a good beat then pick one of the first two.
Little boy inside my chest
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