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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
idk I'll have to look at my old writing
but here's a little

then: although I had detailed descriptions and stuff, sometimes, a lot of my writing was just a chain of events, and not always interesting ones. I shied away from romance and darker themes, and back then I had no idea LGBTQ+ existed, and I was less concerned with the ethnic backgrounds and cultures of my characters. More of them ended up white bc I am white. ALSO, a lot of my old writing was blatant plagiarism, but I wanted to make series' ideas "better" and use my own characters. Like plagiarizing Harry Potter, and the Parent Trap, and Nancy Drew, and maybe more. It was more likely for me to name characters after myself, and they may have been Mary Sues, also I had more characters named after / based on ppl in my life.

now: pretentious purple prose, so much figurative language, much more introspective. I write a lot more poetry, which is also pretentious purple poetry lol bc its not prose, my poetry if SooOOOoo much better. Maybe more abstract, reads less like prose, much less capitalization. Characters are typically just original creations, sometimes inspired by existing characters and people in my life, never name characters after myself. More POC, no one is heterosexual, more genderqueer characters , too many chars probably, more pondering about gender sexuality and religion and cis characters still break gender norms, much more attention is paid to cultural background. I don't shy away from romance as much, and even in some cases have gotten more sexual, typically in my more mature works where characters are 18+ (piece by piece for peace-- an au about Alexander Mikhailov, it's a yoi au but like. it's mostly me torturing Alexander plus some ice skating; also sun, moon and sky because the youngest mc, Koen, is 18 at the beginning, and by the end Morrigan is like 29 so), also I wrote some p kinky smut the other day (just a little snippet) and I can't go back and look at it bc I'm too embarrassed lmfao. So much angst. There's so much of it. Everyone is angsty. Some people have tragic backstories. Darker themes in general. A lot more mature, even if I have as much writer's block as ever. Also, a lot more cursing. Although I myself have been cursing since fourth, fifth grade, I shied away from it in my writing until 2014-2015
fun fact sin game (the 2014 beta version) was the first writing I started challenging myself to curse in (and play around with characters' individual manners of speech in general)
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