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Originally Posted by Frostblaze View Post
I am worthless and I will get nowhere in life and I will never make any friends and all I will do is continue to get in my way and fail fail fail everyone and everything give up on me I am a disappointment waiting to happen I would be better off dead
you won't always trip over yourself
you won't always fail
you will sometimes surpass your wildest expectations, and those moments, I think, are worth living for.

you've been at Stormy's shoulder all this time, and I'd like to be at yours.
i'm not trained. i'm not an expert. I've never had to deal with anything beyond emotions. but I know a thing or two and i'll tell you what I know.
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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