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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
Not sure I want to be happy that I made you cry but I think it was the right kind of crying. And you're always welcome. I'm at your shoulder if you need me
yes, it was happy crying c'x thank you, friendo. i love you c:

Originally Posted by Graystorm View Post
Gods,, no no no,, Madie. I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. Gods,, no,, you can't die,, you can't. Right now you're the only person keeping me anchored to this earth and this life,, if you died I would be so lost.

You are so so so nice,, and beautiful too. I know you might not feel like it now,, but you will make friends because you have the kind of personality that everyone likes. Please please please be okay. You're so God damn perfect and I can't afford to lose you and neither can your family or anyone else on this site.
hey, don't you dare blame yourself first off. secondly, i want you to know i will never kill myself, because i see all the people it would hurt, including you. especially you. i just sometimes don't care if i live or die? and other times it gets worse and i really want to die? but i'll never do it myself. i get genuinely surprised when people seem to like me, and i know i'm not dislikable, but the thing is, i get in my own way of making friends because of my crippling shyness and insecurity like will i annoy them? embarrass myself? im so unwilling to take risks, you know? but dont worry. im okay now. and i pray that you will be too. we both will.
just popped back in to save yall from that monstrosity of a signature. peace
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