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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
I made a cover for mine already but I would love another
Also I wanna yammer abt my nano novel tut

Ok so it's a future-set fantasy novel where people with inhuman powers (kinetics, pathons, Powered's, fae, enhanceds, ect.) are super feared and hated so they get killed off (in worse parts of the world) and stuck in prison on the lowest levels of crime possible with basically no chance of ever getting out. Everything is rigged and unfair for them. The three main characters of the book are all imprisoned in the same prison. One is a precious sweet damaged kid who's been imprisoned for so long (and was imprisoned at such a young age) that he believes he really is a monster and is afraid of his powers. One is an introverted, super smart guy who's nonconfrontational to a literal fault. And one is a loud, flirty person, who's alcoholic and does a lot of questionable things, but they just want to see their sister again and they can't because their sister is literally locked in Irkalla for being a girl.
They (plural) get into a lot of trouble, and they get hurt a lot, and it's great
So yeah,
P.s. I love my babies
Edit; p.p.s. It's called Antiblue / subtitle = adsum
This sounds super amazing dude great concept great characters!!
Lol if I wanna do nano I should really get back to eotw (the kp story) but im lacking motivation atm... Fuckk
probably if I read more apocalyptic fanfic I'll get back in the mood

The only thing I actually am motivated about is a fanfiction original character novel which is the first in a series and pretty lit. Hopefully I can make ppl cry from reading it. Plot gets pretty heavy. The OC is a chill but lowkey workaholic big sister type whose dark past comes back to haunt her. =D also she dies at the end lmao but like its temporary.
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