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Eyy, here’s the twins! I’ll probably add to/edit their forms later and add in more characters later, but here’s a start for now.

Name: Arthur Bentley
Age: 15
Year: 5
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Appearance: Arthur is about 5”8 and he’s the bare minimum of fit needed to play quidditch. He’s pale and has remarkably unblemished skin apart from a couple of old quidditch scars. Arthur has slightly wavy blond hair and green eyes.
Personality: While Arthur certainly doesn’t hate people in general, he still is not exactly a social person. He strongly dislikes meeting new people and large, unfamiliar groups stress him out, causing him to come off as harsh and uncaring towards strangers. However, he has a much softer side reserved for the people he’s comfortable around, and although their interactions may still end up being a bit awkward and stilted thanks to his lack of social skills, he is still fiercely loyal towards those few people, and willing to do just about anything for them, even unethical things.
Arthur is also very driven, and can often be found buried within his schoolwork or practicing magic or quidditch.
Patronus: Black Bear
Backstory: Nothing big here. Pureblood family but his parents have quietly split up so he and his twin sister, Cassie, don’t get to see each other very often
Other: I believe he was a Slytherin chaser, bisexual but that may change to gay idk yet, Cassandra’s twin brother

Name: Cassandra Bentley (prefers Cas or Cassie)
Age: 15
Year: 5
Gender: Female
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: Cass has long slightly curled dirty blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She spends quite a bit of time outside so she’s not quite as pale as her brother, but she’s one of those people that just doesn’t tan well (which she complains about frequently). She’s 5”9 and sturdily built, and more fit than her brother despite not being involved in any sports, wizarding or otherwise. She has several piercings on her ears and one nose piercing.
Personality: Cassie is friendly and upbeat, always full of energy. She’s loyal and tough and hardworking, but she’s also ready to fight if you’ve hurt someone she knows or . She doesn’t care much about her grades or what people think of her.
Patronus: Basset Hound
Backstory: same as Arthur
Other: pan queen, scared of heights, Arthur’s twin sister
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