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Name: Daelan Holt

Age: 15

Year: 5

Gender: Male

House: Slytherin

Appearance: Daelan is tall and gangly, with long limbs and a fairly slim build. He could be described as scrawny or willowy. He is pale, but gets tanner over the year because of Quidditch. He also gets slightly more fit over the year thanks to Quidditch. He has lots of freckles, especially on his shoulders, nose, and cheeks. His eyes are a bright, intelligent green and seem to sparkle when he gets excited about something. His hair is dark caramel-colored and curly, and will not take crap from anyone. It looks almost permanently windblown. His eyesight is terrible, so he wears black hipster glasses. He likes to wear big hoodies or sweaters and jeans when he's not in uniform.

Personality: Daelan is funny and loves cracking jokes, but can be kind of annoying sometimes. He became kind of the class clown because he always seems to mess everything up, so if he does it "on purpose" then it's funny and people won't tease him (as much). Daelan is not the best with school, mostly subjects that require magic. Not to say he is bad with magic, he just can't concentrate on the spells oftentimes. Daelan is friendly and likes meeting new people. He is very cunning when it comes to pranking and being mischievous in general. He likes making mischief and he's usually the first suspect whenever something goes wrong. Daelan is definitely an extrovert, but due to him being known as the clumsy kid or jokester, he doesn't have a lot of friends.

Patronus: Dragon

Backstory: His father and mother met Kings Cross, just after his father had finished his seventh year of Hogwarts. Daelan's father never told his mother that he was a wizard, and eventually they got married and had a child. At first his father was so happy, but then he realized that he was fighting against Voldemort and panicked because he though that the Voldemort might hunt him down himself. His father left then; although Daelan and his mother agree it was a cowardly thing to do. Daelan was raised by his loving muggle mother, and got his letter at age eleven. His mother said she knew there was something that his father never told her, and this was it. Daelan hasn't seen/heard from his father in fifteen years, when he was too young to know or care. Sometimes he really misses his dad and wonders what it would be like if he had stayed, but he loves his mom a lot.

Wand: 10 1/3 inches, holly wood, thestral hair

Other: Slytherin beater. Gay. I think I'm gonna ship him and Trevor.
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