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Default The Trials

Every year, on the first day of January, every eighteen-year-old in Ember has to undergo a series of tests known as The Trials to see whether they will be allowed into society. The twist? Before being released to The Trials, your memory is taken. You are pitted against every other eighteen-year-old, whether they turned eighteen yesterday or have been eighteen since January 2nd the previous year. You could be going up against your best friend, your lover, or even your sibling and have no way of knowing. Will you ever get your memory back, or will you die trying? And once you reach the end, will your memory even be restored at all, or is everything you’ve ever known a lie?

After much devastation and war, the leaders of Ember decided to rename their broken city and build it back up to be stronger than ever before. They came up with a new motto—“only the strongest survive”—in order to begin a new era of prosperity and victory. The best way to do this, they decided, was The Trials. Many have trained their entire life for them, since the only things they can rely on are physical strength and muscle memory, since all of their normal memories are wiped clean, at least for the duration of The Trials. It was easier that way, the leaders decided. Otherwise people could be so soft. But if you don’t know who you’re up against, you’re willing to be more ruthless. After all, what good is a soft city?


Alright, Luna here with yet another NES! This time, dystopian themed! So a rules first before I put up the character forms!

1. No more than two characters, unless we have a lack of people joining, then I will allow for more if desired.

2. No killing other people’s characters without their permission.

3. You can have your character have relations to another person’s (i.e. siblings, friends, etc.) as long as they agree to it. But remember, they don’t know they’re siblings or whatever.


Name (the only thing your character will remember):






And that’s all! :)
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