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Name (the only thing your character will remember): Ariana Fields (she’s August’s twin, yes that’s cliche but this whole NES is slightly cliche so why not)

Gender: female

Sexuality: pan

Appearance: Shoulder length curly dark brown hair. She’s a few inches taller than average, at 5’ 7” with a slender (and slightly athletic) build. Ariana has small hands but is very dexterous. Her eyes are hazel and she has long lashes like her brother. She has a small mole on her upper left cheek and full lips.

Strengths: She is a good actress and is good at manipulating people. She is clever and can think outside of the box. She is much better at fighting and hand-to-hand than her brother but isn’t as fast or agile.

Weaknesses: She is insecure, despite acting confident, and much more volatile and fiery tempered than August. She makes decisions on the fly, without much thought sometimes, and acts like she is always right. She doesn’t take criticism well and it is hard for her to warm up to people, but once she does she is fiercely loyal (not all of that was actually even a weakness lol). She is quick to disagree with others for no reason other than to pick a fight.
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