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Name (the only thing your character will remember): Illyse Freed

Gender: Cisgender female

Sexuality: Biromantic demisexual

Appearance: shoulder length, straight hair tat she usually wears in a ponytail, because thankfully she has about ten elastics on her wrist at all times. She's got solid, fair skin that is ever so slightly naturally tanned. She looks like a somewhere between a chinese-american and a latin-american. She wears black leggings and sweatshirts and usually has a big smile. She'd had braces for the past three years and had just got them off.
(tell me when this takes place, i can make her less modern if you'd like)

Strengths: she's friendly and keen to get along with people, she's a good laugh and is good at playing a sidekick, so people don't naturally pin her as the enemy. She's observant and can figure people out pretty quick. She's also light and can get around without anybody noticing her.

Weaknesses: She's awkward and isn't used to close friendships with anybody and can push people away if they get too close to her. She's also clumsy around people she has a crush on. She's the kinda person who can't keep a date for long and fully believes herself to be single entering The Trials, just from what she's observed from her personality.
please, ignore my screaming.
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