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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
Discord is a free text and voice app that's easy to sign up for and use. You can just text chat, or you can turn on voice chat as well. It would be a fun place for us to talk, about writing and just everything! The voice chat could be a way for us to have like 'live writing sessions' and that sort of thing, hell, voice chat would be great for homework help as well. I think it could help the kidpub community grow closer and for all of us to be more active with writing. I can also contact former kidpubbers I know to see if they might be interested in it.

To be honest, I've already made a tentative server, and I'm honestly really excited at the possibility, and I hope some of you are interested :3

What do you think?
Um wHOA that sounds super cool!! Idk if my parentals would be comfortable with it, but even if I can't do it that sounds like a rad way to get the community moving!
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