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And unrealistic! I completely forgot to add unrealistic! I think they're really more of story ideas than plots… And there are parts that I don't really have an idea to explain… Like, for the current prologueish thingie I'm writing, there are like… these islands floating in the sky, connect by chains or something, and the people on them(except for one of the islands) don't know it. I have no idea why they're there, how, or why the people don't know or how they don't know…
(Feel free to just skim the following massive paragraph; the ending is the more important part)
And for the rough idea I got a few minutes ago(eh, okay, more like half an hour or so(*coughmultitaskingnotprocrastinationcough*), but it doesn't really matter), which started with what would possibly go on the top of a back cover, "She was born in a room"(yeah, doesn't really have much to do with it…), or something like that. I started disliking it after a few minutes. All of the idea so far(which I doubt I'll use): Girl comes through the floor of a room(like jeeeeeeeeeello! :D) or just wakes up in there, and she can't remember anything; she's an experiment or something. Yeah… Very vague. But I have no idea why she would be there, or who the people keeping her in there are, etcetera… And my ideas seem to be similar to what I'm reading, a lot. I'm reading Incarceron by Catherine Fisher(I think I got her name right…), and one of the main characters, Finn, wakes up in a room, and doesn't remember anything(it's before the story starts, though; he explains it to someone). And he's in a large prison. Yeah… I just tend to dislike them, apparently. O_o I don't get to know the details, or much of a plot at all…
If there is one that I kind of like, then I think of another idea(sometimes accidentally) that I like more at first, and then I go and think about that, then dislike it and abandon it, forgetting about the other idea. I can't think of any ideas that I like right now… -_-

No… I need to edit it first. :P Though now I'm not liking it either, even though I've basically finished it…

The autowriting/freewriting thing never really got me an idea that I thought I could use, but, then again, I'm failing at ideas…
And it makes sense. ^_^ *Points at large rambling paragraph of mine*
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