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Originally Posted by BookKitty View Post
correction: cishet aces are cishet ?
non-cishet aces...aren't cishet
there we go
anyway hey i love my gf
depends what u mean by ace. If someone is homoromantic asexual then they're gay and ace so if someone is heteroromantic asexual or aromantic heterosexual then they're het/ace right??

My problem I guess is mainly when people call aro+ace specs het because "ur not attracted to anyone ur not queer!!"

Anyways, I think I'm aroace spectrum but not exactly aroace...? Can't tell if I feel any attraction or if I'm just desperate for acceptance, comfort, and love.

Also I was wondering why people enjoy kissing? I have kissed my friends (made out with maybe, or is made out only when u use tongue...?) but it was just kinda a thing you know I don't understand the real appeal of kissing
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