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Originally Posted by BriannaH View Post
Party update:

It's on Saturday. We're using FlockDraw. The time is undecided.

So, about the time. Since it's the weekend, a lot of us should be free for most of the day, right? Other than doing any homework we might have. So... 6 pm central time? That would be 5 pm eastern time and 7-8 pm for mountain/pacific. Would that work??
Yes, I think so. I'll beg to get on.
Yes, I'm late.
And yes, I'm being stalked.
And also yes, I work with Nyan Cat.
Also yes, I watched the whole 10-hour Nyan Cat edition on Youtube. Because my friend forced me to. And actually, it was more like eight hours and 14 minutes. Then I fell asleep. O_o
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