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got a few more

Ellin: two things. one: please don't pin food to the doors. two: PLEASE don't pin food to the doors.

Haf: ugh I have a bald spot
Wyn: that's the access port! yummy

the Guardian- congratulations everyone! you all survived the - oh, nevermind. forget I said that.

Haf- I'm going to do this relentlessly and dedicatedly until I get bored.

Cor- fellas, is it gay?
Rua- is it gay to what?
Cor- just....is it gay?
Mar- yes, always.

Ellin- hey, what's this huge rock?
Wyn- oh, that's our egg.

Nur- Im such a people pleaser that I once let Rua and Cor pour thousands of live ladybugs into my mouth

Nur, to Ellin- yeah I'll give you your journal but it has a dead wasp on it
Ellin- well, at least it didn't sting anyone
Nur- no, it stung me
Ellin- well, at least you're not allergic
Nur- no, I am
Ellin- jesus christ nur what the fuck

Wyn- huh, I haven't cried in a while. I should probably schedule one of those soon.
Mar- wait you schedule your crying??

Cor- I don't know why everyone calls me gay just because I like to talk about how hot boys are

Wyn- Mar makes my heart itchy.
Haf- do you mean to say you love her?
Wyn- oh yeah, that.

Ellin- one of these days I'm going to accidentally run you over!
Coll- that sounds awesome!!

Wyn- this is how I got mono, I used to lick holes in the wall.
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