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Originally Posted by lvhamsters View Post
Distract yourself. Never think with depression, think positively and higher. Concentrate on homework, or a book your writing, anything that you enjoy. And whenever your tempted, write a reminder on your arm, not too. My friend has the same problem, its terrible. I hope you find a way to stop, and I hope I helped.
I pretty sure that there is nothing that one enjoys doing when they are depressed. The thoguhts weigh in on you from all direction, more and more until they've cornered you. Is that what your friend does? How are they able to do something they enjoy? I'd like some tips for my relapse. :^I

Originally Posted by Lily09 View Post
>.< NOOOO! *tackles Sandeh* NO.
I'd miss you so much
It wouldn't be now, it would be in five-ten years when I move away from home, I'd never do anything like that to my family. :^I
But thank you very much for your support. :^)
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