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Originally Posted by EmmaR View Post
Do you know the song "Oh! What A Beautiful Morning" from the musical Oklahoma? Please tell me you do. Go outside. Sing it as loud as you possibly can. Go back inside. Feel awesome.
This also works with "Tomorrow" (from Annie), "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (from The Wizard of Oz), "Something's Coming" (from West Side Story) and "Happy Days are Here Again" (Barbara Streisand).
Um... I know for certain that that would only make me extremely angry... >_>
I think that the best thing to do is relax in any way possible and try to have a laugh. I still don't look at the world and life with the love and awe that I used to, but I try to see the poetry and irony in everything... it helps. Even small little things, the many derps of human existence. It just amuses me. And also, if you like, say for example, astrophysics, you could wrap your head around those instead of other stuff. I love astrophysics...
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