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o_o I know very little about Twilight, but what I do know, I know well because it's all stuff EVERY Twilight fan talks about.

The other day, I saw the poster for the new Twilight movie, and somehow started thinking about why Edward felt the need to protect Bella and liked to watch her sleep. (Beside the fact he's a creeper,) I think he felt like that and watched her sleep for a reason. O_O I think it was because he liked her scent so much, he was subconsciously (do vampires HAVE a subconscious?) afraid of some other vampire swooping in and devouring Bella without giving him a taste, and thus making it impossible for him to ever smell her ever again. Y'know...like a cat that carries around a (traumatized) live mouse. It liked hunting the mouse, and doesn't want another cat to eat it, but the cat isn't hungry, so it just carries around the mouse and plays with it a little.

...But that's just me and my weird uninformed theory. XD

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