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Originally Posted by wildwolf View Post
Ash, you're one to talk.
Amber is VERY much like you.
1. Blonde.
2. Blue eyes.
3. Single dads.
4. Names that start with an A.
Well, you have to keep in mind, Amber was ORIGIANLLY based off of myself. XD (And I mean BASED ON. Not a carbon copy.) Her personality is different from mine, and my current personality is completely different than the one I had back when I was 11 and first started WOT. Besides:

1. Different shades of blonde.
2. Different shades of blue.
3. Okay, I WILL give you that, but it's character developement, y'know?
4. It's just a letter... XD

Also, unlike Stephanie and Bella, mine and Amber's facial features and body type are nothing alike. ^_^
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