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Name: Arin
Age (18 to 22, please): 18 (heck yeah)
Personality: out-going, amicable, boisterous and shy at times, depending on the situation. Has few, close friends. Is semi-intelligent. (lol that is a generous description of my intelligence)
Appearance (can be made up): Short, jet black hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, medium build, 6 foot (dude that probs will not happen but whatever ^-^)
Interests: shipping, writing, reading, soccer, pranking <--- especially this, eating, hanging with friendsss
Other: Is obsessed with Nilent which actually happens in this NES

this sign up was made 6 months ago when i was a weirdo so sorry about that

gender: male
roommates: idk whoever wants to room with me
the only thing worst than having a spider in your room is losing a spider in your room

-relatable post #234
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