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And heeeeeeere's my form.

Name: Nikki Levesley
Age (18 to 22, please): 18
*Gender: TIME LORD i mean female
Personality: Her wit, sarcasm and intelligence are her main– although most certainly not best– traits. Never without a sardonic remark, she's prone to snapping back if anyone criticizes her, but usually doesn't mean it if she's saying it to her friends. Very cynical and pessimistic, as well as stubborn and more than a little arrogant. She has a few good friends, and has fairly good social skills, but prefers being alone, unless she's with any of her best friends. However, she's also creative and artsy, and enjoys partying as much as any university student. Often quotes people like Shakespeare, Machiavelli and Aristotle, and plays the piano and violin (teehee I wish I played the violin).
Appearance (can be made up): (ugh too lazy to elaborate) Long, curly, beer-coloured brown hair, dark stormy blue eyes, vampire-pale skin. Average height, about 5"6 (I might actually get there one day), and slim. Athletic, she's very fast and has quick reactions. Dresses in dark, simple clothes– jeans, t-shirt and a jacket. Doesn't like wearing shorts, except for sports, and almost always dons a jacket overtop. Loves hats, such as fezzes, stetsons, bowler hats, jazz hats and top hats.
**Roommate/Roommates: Emmery, until Silent gets back, and then the Grand Shithead (omg that's a perfect name for him guys <33)
Interests: Fencing, chemistry, biology, philosophy, physics, Shakespeare, political sciences, writing, reading and music. AND MACHIAVELLI. <333
Other: Haha I'm such a lil' Benedict. Except a helluva lot more impulsive.

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