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Name: Ellie
Age (18 to 22, please): 18 i guess
*Gender: Female
Personality: good student, studies hard, intelligent, sometimes witty; sort of shy and sometimes deals with social anxiety but for the most part is really happy and fairly engaging with close friends; creative, artsy; prefers get-togethers with a few good friends as opposed to full-blown parties; into sort of darker and emotional things (movies, books, quotes, etc.).
Appearance (can be made up): a little under average height, slim, short medium brown pixie cut with dyed purple bangs, hazelnut brown eyes, sort of a tan/olive skin color; tends to wear lots of blacks/darker colors sometimes with dramatic bits of color. wears a lot of skirts and dressy casual stuff (is that a thing?) and likes hats, scarves, pins, and unique jewelry or head pieces. make-up is usually light eyeshadow, fancy looking eyeliner, mascara, and dark pink lipstick so yeah
**Roommate/Roommates: Lena and Arin ((we're still doing this right))
Interests: listening to music, youtubers, writing, reading, languages, cool clothes and styles and stuff, make-up, drawing, art, hanging out with my roomies c:, broadway shows, acting, singing, card games, dramatic tv shows (esp crime shows), darker/emotional sotryline stuffs, and i guess tumblr idk. also anime and shipping
Other: so that's a me
And you s a y
sorry like the angel
Heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid
It's too late to apologize

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