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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
Mm, so my mom just basically told me in a roundabout way that my self harm scars make her uncomfortable, and that they make anyone who sees them uncomfortable/upset and now i'm sitting here trying to figure out a better way to hide them because clearly I'm not doing a good enough job and screw it, her comment made me ten times more self conscious and that's not going away any time soon.
I kinda just want to scream at her to stop fucking bringing these things up, because bloody fucking hell it's irritating and it's upsetting as fuck and it's been over a year since I told her I stopped! She needs to pull an Elsa and let. It. Fricking. Go. I cannot move on from that part of my past unless she stops dregging it up every other month!
Oh god I feel u
Just try to keep ur head up and you're so much stronger now tbh. But yes of course it's ridiculous to have people bringing this shit back up from your past when you're past it. But anyway I hope it works out.

and I'll use you as a
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