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Default Obsessed

It ate me.
Excited me.
Hurt me.
Hit me.
Made me crazy.
...and yet sane.

I guess you could say I'm obsessed.


It's 2062.

War had become the essence of our human race. It tore brothers, sisters, family, wives and husbands, and friends. You heard in on the TV, through the internet, and in newspapers. It was destroying us.

Our society was empty, sick on the idea of bloodshed. We were constantly at each another's throat or siding with someone. We needed a miracle.

And it came.

The government purchased a drug designed by our leading scientists. They named Peace. All families were required a pill each month. The people fought the idea, but gradually, our Nation became... peaceful.

It was beautiful. We had never seen anything like it. Everyone was selfless, serving neighbors and families. We were helping others. The government no longer needed to force feed it to their people. We bought it willingly, took our monthly amount. We were talking gently. Being... human.

We loved it. I could sleep. I could eat without clasping to my fork at the dinner table with murderous intent flashing behind my eyes. But... it tasted too good. We were blinded. The government had become corrupted. They heightened the prices dramatically and we were all so addicted, nobody bothered to check the price tag. I watched as my people fell under an iron fist and went with the flow--because they thought it was alright, they thought it was a peaceful movement.

Some people noticed though. Some people rose up and threw away the drug even though we went through stages of withdraw. We did it. We are rebelling against Peace.


So basically, you're a rebel You're fighting against peace and currently are trying to persuade the people taking it that the government it bad and they need to wake up.

Here is your character form...




Physical Characteristics:



*I will be making mine shortly before we begin*

Thnx C:
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