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Ahh hey all I'm back c: (*waves*) Aaaaand here's some lovely Luammery to prove it muahahaha.

She hadn’t gone far, but I doubted that it was because she wanted to wait for me. She glanced back as I approached, eyes wide.

“Do you think this is the right way?” she asked as I caught up, fiddling with her watch.

I nodded. “Alistair didn’t lie to us. I would’ve been able to sense it.” And even if I hadn’t, I doubted that a two thousand year-old dead Shadower would lie to the first sentient creatures he saw out of spite.

Luana frowned and looked up at me through puzzled blue eyes. “You said his friendliness towards me didn’t come that easily, because he used to be a Sun Slayer. Why? What did the Sun Slayers do?”

My skin itched. Heartbeat quickening, I stammered, “I-It’s not because he was a Sun Slayer, it’s just– I don’t, er, I don’t think–” God dammit, Emmery, you’re a worse liar than Eiran! “I don’t think that all Shadowers will like you as much as I do,” I finally managed to say, and then paled as soon as I realized what the words sounded like.

Luana seemed more amused than embarrassed, though I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. “Lucky me, then, to have you as an exception,” she mused, casting me a sidelong grin. Heat rushed to my face.

She laughed. Glancing around, a lot more bright-eyed than before, she scanned the narrowing path swiftly before turning back to me. “Don’t worry, Embers,” she said seriously. “You’re a little too shadowy for me.” Her lips twitched.

At a loss for what to say, I just nodded, wishing that I were more transparent. At least she forgot about the Sun Slayers, I thought, watching her for a moment longer. So now, if I want to avoid talking about something, I should just unintentionally hit on her. That’ll lead to some interesting conversations.
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