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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
so, i've got this idea where there's kinda this character i want to make. he's not that important to the plot but he's got his own thing going on. here's my outline for him.

-on his way to find where he actually belongs in the mytho world, he's dealt with at least four other pantheons. more specifically, egyptian, norse, chinese and aztec. not nesiccarily in that order. at first he's skeptical to believe he's greek after all his travels and being brought in and then unceremoniously thrown out multiple times because he didn't belong.
-he has NOT met the romans. fascinated by the idea, actually.
-son of hermes, god of travel and mischief (oh hello there jesse you have a brother)
-does get into trouble but obtains a lot of hermes' more productive traits, and is usually helpful when he's not spewing out random trivia.
-chiron knows about him and his travels with other pantheons, but nobody else knows (except possibly his cabin mates? because i can see the guuy telling them all sorts of stories about it?)
-he is NOT all powerful because of this stuff. don't ask me how but he has a greek sword, with various multi-mythological enchantments that are USELESS on greek monsters, so they don't make it all too special. so none of the stuff he knows from other pantheons is really gonna matter in facing a greek monster, besides the fact that he knows how to fight in the epic hybrid style.

riordan has confirmed that all pantheons exist, and i decided to make a character based off of that. any other ideas to throw in there, or name ideas, let me know.
his existence is cool for the people that know about it but he won't effect the plot all too much, because we're fighting Tartarus, an all powerful Greek being. So besides his agile moves and impressive fighting skills, he's got little going for him.
(oh, besides he can mangle about 4 diifferent languages. and read hieroglyphics, which are a lot eaiser on dyslexia. and- you know what, forget it. i won't go on.)
Iím a bit skeptical because Iím not sure I want to bring the other pantheons into the story because it opens up new avenues like... if we brought it in, it would seem strange if we werenít leading up to this huge inter-mythos conflict, right? I know canonically all the mythos exist, but I think thereís a reason they largely donít interact, and that if they do the natural conclusion is some big team up or war, like when the Romans were first brought in. Itíd be like if Rick brought in Jason but then never really explained the Romans or had them play a significant part in the story. Iím not sure though, this is just my opinion. I just think that sort of involvement will pull the plot in an unplanned direction thatís not what weíre looking for right now. Itís unfortunate to say because I think this is a really cool idea, but one that doesnít really mingle with the NES well... also, if he knew other mythos and such were available but didnít try to reach out to anyone for help, itíd be kind of weird? Again, this is just my opinion... but I think he has a really cool story for like a future NES or fanfiction. I think itíd be too much to bring into THIS story without using, basically, but could be really cool in the future or an alternate universe...
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