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Originally Posted by Arin View Post
hi to anyone reading,

i suddenly remembered kidpub and wanted to post! i'm finishing up year 2 of college and haven't visited wb in over 2 years wow. and over 8 years on kp is pretty impressive imo. even though i was only active for like 3.

i guess my favorite memory of kidpub was probably the day i joined the site. i remember the excitement of realizing that there existed this community of kid writers and just reading through nsp and wanting to fit in. i really wish i remember how i found kidpub in the first place. i wish i kept up writing! i have other hobbies now, but writing will always hold a special place for me because of the people i've met through it. hope everyone's doing well.

hey-- sounds like you're just sticking your head in to say hi so don't feel obligated to reply but i just love it when oldies say hi

can't resist saying hi back

favorite kp memory might be when I was spamming the A/N and everybody was so very kind to me. i was an immature child and tolerated :') it was lovely.

i know our active sections didn't overlap much, so it's good to meet you, Arin--better late than never.
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