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Talking 2012 Reunion

Dear people of KP/WB,

You are cordially invited to THE END OF THE WORLD

Join us on the Writer's Block on December 21, 2012, for a reunion of currently active, old, and new members!

lol I sound so cheesey. Basically, the members of my gen and several others don't get to come on that much, and when we do, we're liable to miss each other, so we're scheduling a reunion on a friday during Christmas break. Hope you all can come, and if you can contact members that don't come on often any more, please let them know that this is happening. If you want another member to be invited but don't have his or her contact info, post there user name here so that someone who does know how to get in touch with them will remember to. There will be another reminder closer in time to the actual event.

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