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Originally Posted by JessicaK View Post
Wow. I haven't been here in ages. XD

@Ash- I'm actually rewriting, but chapter two is up...but it's meh. I'm rewriting chapter two, and I would have had the other chapters out by now, but I misplaced 4 pages worth of planning for the other chapters, and I'm still looking for them. DX

But yaay. 8D I'm so excited that you like BHB!!

Speaking of writing, I'm going to be posted a new novel I'm writing with Kendra soon. I think you guys will love it if you like the style of BHB and the style of HOOG. :'D It's science-fiction. We've called it The Keeper of Hope. ^_^
Can I have a link to the rewritten first chapter?

O.o A new novel? Ooooh, and it's SciFi? Neat! Kendra didn't tell me. What is it about?
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