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After a minute, Stel felt the door move behind her and she shifted just a touch so that she wouldn't fall on her back when whoever lived here opened the door. The door opened and she saw an elderly woman with hair as white and shiny as the moon and eyes as blue as the sky it rested in. She wore simple peasant's clothes, but she was still obviously gorgeous, even in her age. Her face was not delicate, and instead had a stern, brave beauty, like a queen. That was a good word to describe her -- a queen.
The woman obviously recognized Stel's slave's clothes and she quickly picked her up with surprising strength. Stel groaned as she was carried into the woman's house and up a flight of stairs, into a bedroom where several candles burned, giving the only light. The woman scurried back to the front door to lock it and then came back up to the room. She stuck out a wrinkled, calloused yet graceful hand. "I'm Leana," She said simply.

Stel was couldn't hide her surprise. This woman acted like runaway slaves always showed up on her front door in the middle of the night. "Stel," she said finally trying and failing to clasp the woman's hand in her own. She hissed at the pain and the woman scanned her body.

"Oh, dear," Leana said, her brows crinkling. "I'll just get you something for that." The woman left the room like an ocean breeze. Stel slumped against the bed and sighed contently. She hadn't been in a bed in years and it felt like a cloud spun with silk. She closed her eyes. She was, for the time being, safe. Or at least, safer. And at the moment, that was enough for her.
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