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I had this dark dream.. It wasn't a nightmare though. It was rather thrilling.

I was running away from something, down a dark, tangled road, in a completely black world. There was a door with light at the end, so I kept running. I think someone/something was chasing me. Skeletons and undead things were lurking in a mess of trees, laughing and singing. It was a song, a very lovely, coincidentally called Dead! My very-scary character was there too, and they were all shielding me from the door. Rather impulsively, I shot a few of them with a shiny little bloodstained gun I had tripped over and ran toward the golden, shining light. I ran for a long time, and when I got there, I was very disappointed. It was a place very similar to some sort of Barbie world, with a dreamy castle in the air and fluttering fairies, and I hated it. So I turned around to return to the dark side and then I woke up.
It was a nice fun dream (though much of a ripoff).
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