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Name: Sedabella Magi
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Gender: Girl
What you are (any of the above or more):Enchantress
School Schedule (if grades 6-12 [And yes, we do have regular subjects, but everyother week]):
1st: Math
2nd: Art
3rd: Choir
4th: Science
5th: Gym
6th: Language Arts
Appearance: Jet black curls and violet eyes/ Freckles are sprinkled across her nose. Pale pink lips, white teeth.
Personality: She is nice to almost everyone, except for her enemies. Then there can be a throwdown! She isn't shy or sensitive, and will always speak her mind.
Background (if any): Her parents are famous enchanters, but they never had time for Sedabella even though her magic was stunning. They sent her to Magic School so she could learn more and make friends.
Other (did you get held back a grade...how'd you get into school...etc): I think I explained that above. Her parents didn't have time for her so they sent her to Magic School to socialize.
Other (lifewise): She missed the first few weeks (or however long school has been going for) school.

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