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Originally Posted by lvhamsters View Post

My outfit beats your outfits >8D

If I saw that thing in real life I would probably pee my pants.

Originally Posted by LizzieS View Post
What would make this even better would be if we all revived KidMUD and had a holiday party in KidMUD.

And for those of you who haven't made a KidMUD account yet, it would be awesome.

oh my god that would be epical

But we should maybe have two versions. I dunno, so some of the people that can't do KidMud cuz they can't access it or whatevs can come.


It can be another kidpubber of any gender, or a character from a book or movie (including your own book), or an inanimate object if you're that desperate.

Oh, and is Friday the 13th of December open for everyone?


Rebecca, I'm officially asking you to the winter ball.

So if you decide against your own reflection, I think we'd make an interesting gothic steampunk couple. :'D

and I'll use you as a
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