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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
lol not east of eden man, that one is so long (compared to his others at least)
east of eden is super interesting though ,would you be interested in my historical context paper on it?
yes yes

i've been interested in steinbeck's works for a while now

so my brother did my grade for my old school and since my new school sucks i borrowed them and found a copy of the pearl. i gave it to a friend as a gift and i thought i'd feel guilty for asking for it back so i bought the one w/ the new cover

the reason why i really needed that book specifically is because i needed a small book for some hanging mobile book report my ela teacher made us do
why can't some teachers just give us normal work for human beings
a hAnGiNg MoBiLe
if you want a book report
a s k f o r a b o o k r e p o r t

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