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Default Erghhh.

Poor thread.. so lonely..

Anyway, I hate my friend. I hate her so much.

I didn't wanan have a sleepover, so she makes all aobut me being the worst perosn in the world. She lists everything that's wrong with me, all the time. Most of the time, it's riduculous things, and she's just being irrritable. But seriously, why would I wnat her to point out my faults? I already know!!

So I went and claled my parents to pick me up, and someone calls while I'm trying to do that, so i go back downstairs to where she is, and its this other persons's mom. So then I'm waiting for the phone back and she's all like, "GOD, GO AWAY! I HATE YOU!"
And I wanna say, "You think I WANT to be down here? Jeez!", but I don't becasue,. I do NOT want to get into an argument. It doesn't do anything but mmake me feel suckish. And because I dont' LIKE arguging, a perfectly normal thing, she calls me a coward. All the time. In fronrt of everyone and anyone.

WHo does she think SHE is?!
I hate her. There's no way to describe the meanness of her. I can't even begin to explain all the things she's done to me. Intentionally. TYhen there's a whole other list of things that were "acciednts".

Follow your fear.

i post what my nipples want (leaving this here to show just how long it's been since I got on, holy crap.)
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