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Default Leave. me. Alone.

She has sadi repeatedly that she hates me with all her life- and I've returned that, because I do. She has sadi repeatedly that I am a priss and would be much better off with the populars. She has sadi repeatedly that I suck, that I'ma jerk, [EXCUSE LANGUAGR HERE] B****, and anytihng else you can imagine.
So why does she keep calling asking to hang out? I don't want to be anywhere near her... and she apparently feels the same way. So WHY won't she get out of my life?!
All she ever does is flippin criticize me, my other friends, family, anything I care aobut. Including my writing.
Follow your fear.

i post what my nipples want (leaving this here to show just how long it's been since I got on, holy crap.)
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