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Addy Love: In this epic western tale, sixteen-year-old year old Addy Adams becomes the woman of the house after her pregnant mother passes away due to an illness that ravishes her small Kentucky town. She soon finds herself mothering her sister when she sees that she has fallen in love with a young man named Ned. Addy soon discovers that her happiness is fleeting as some of the things most precious to her are taken away once more. Addy turns to God all the same and finds that even bad things can turn into tiny miracles that can ultimately change the way people see life.

Firven the Warrior: Viltor, an evil tyrant, is set on capturing the kingdom of Boria. It would be easy, except for one problem: Firven. When Viltor and his band of ruffians killed Firven's father, they didn't expect him to retaliate. Now Firven wants revenge. But he is just one man...will he have enough strength to defeat Viltor? Or will Boria fall after all?
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