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Default I Need Some Quick Crush Advice!! I Need to Know By Tomorrow Morning . . .

HI THERE everyone!!

I need some advice. By tomorrow morning, because, well . . . just read.

My crush and I have a mutual crush going on, that's been going on for about a half a year. He is awesome. Amazingly awesome. We have the habit of writing a note in each other's writing notebooks after writing class every Monday at a co-op we go to.

The first time, I wrote this in his notebook:

Great job, yo'!

Then the same day, he wrote this in mine:


Yeah, simple and quick, I know. Haha! Then next week, I wrote this in his:


Then, he wrote THIS in my notebook the same day:

You're awesome

Except the smiley faces eyes were hearts!!

Then, the next time, I wrote in his:

You're AMAZING <3

Then, he wrote this in mine:

I <3 you


Anyway, the reason I told you this is:

So you can help me decide what to write in his notebook tomorrow. I'm not sure. I'm wavering between choices . . . and I actually don't even know yet what I want to write. SO, please comment with some ideas similar to the ones above . . . ya' know.

I had an idea of writing "Jeremy + Rachel <3" in his notebook, but I don't know if I should . . . . Any ideas? Please??

Thank you all so much!!!

In peace,
~ Mallori Sparke

EXTRA SIDENOTE: Two nights ago, I went to his High school football game, and at the end, he came up to talk to me, and he HUGGED me!!!! He's so sweet!!! Then afterwards, we went to eat with him and his family. It was awesome. And I saw him at church today as usual!!! And then I see him again tomorrow (Monday)!! On Monday is the day I write the note . . . I'm not sure what I want to write . .. . . . HELP?
In peace,
~ Mallori Sparke

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