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OKAY, update:

All this trouble, and we didn't even get to exchange writing notebooks in class. We did something different in writing class today, and we didn't use our notebooks. SO that equals zero note exchanging today.

BUT, there is next week: so I'll use all your advice then. And there's also a plus side of this. I get another week to decide what I want to write. Thank you so much everyone for your help

SIDENOTE: In Drama class, he was sitting down, and I came up to him and said, "Can I sit with you?" and he said, "Please do."
We both smiled.

Also, he told me after Drama class that this girl at co-op messaged him on facebook telling him that she liked him. Lots of girls like him. Because he's extremely good-looking and he has an awesome personality.

He tells me everything. OF course he doesn't like any other girl besides me, that's why he tells me everything about what other girls tell him. He not only tells me things about other girls liking him, but he tells me everything about everything. He's just so awesome!!

ANYWAY, thanks again everyone!!
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