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Originally Posted by Moogle View Post
1. Who do you think won the first Presidential Debate last night? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?
2. What were some key points for both of them? this feels like an essay...so I may just ignore some questions. But I thought it was funny how both of them totally ignored the rules and just kind of pushed Jim around xD
3. Where did both of them slip up? Mitt Romney looked amused when he Obama was talking, haha!
4. Do you think polls will look like in the next few days? That question is not phrased correctly D: D:
5. Do you agree with ObamaCare? 0_o
6. RomneyCare?o_0
7. What do you think about Al Gore's excuse for Obama? (for those of you who don't know, he was recorded last night saying that the reason for Obama's performance was that he did not have time to adjust to the high altitude of about 5000 feet) Um, 5280 to be exact. The Mile High City!!!!! *le is a proud Denver(ish) girl* I know a kid whos mom pretty much organized the whole thing
8. What do you think about Mitt's eye contact? Umm.....didzn't pay attention >.<
9. Obama's lack thereof? Haha one of my friend's mom said she thinks he didn't do good because he was arguing with his wife before because he wanted to bring his kids, but she didn't, and then he saw that Romney had his family there and was upset xDDDD
10. What do you think about Obama snapping at Jim Lehrer (about his remaining five seconds) partially through the debate? It was funny xD
11. What do you think about Obama wishing a happy anniversary to the First Lady, Michelle Obama? Be dare anything wrong with that? *trollface*
12. What do you think about Jim Lehrer's performance? As Santa said in Elf, "I'm getting too old for this job"

Overall I found it really boring, but that's probably just because I had to stay up late and write an essay on it after, and I'm just not interested in politics :P
@4: Yes, I apologize. I should have included a "what" before "do."
@7: I was doing this quickly, and didn't have time to look up the actual height of Denver... Thus, "about" was included.
@11: There was nothing biased in that statement... I only included it because I know some people thought it wasn't time-efficient.

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