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Update Schedule, KP:

Monday: World of Fear, Chp. 1
Tuesday: Jailbreakers edits/ Only Ash, Chp 3, pt 2
Wednesday: Kuebiko, Dépaysement
Thursday: Jailbreakers edits
Friday: Only Ash, Chp. 3, pt. 3

The above schedule is only for this coming week. Until something changes, the weekly update schedule will be as shown below. We'll see if I actually follow through with it :s

Monday: World of Fear
Tuesday: Jailbreakers edits
Wednesday: Kuebiko
Thursday: Only Ash
Friday: Jailbreakers edits

*Also to be noted! The following books are on hold until further notice:

- Here's to the Broken Kids
- Gothy Gloomy Sunshine
- Black Hole Sun
Little boy inside my chest
Breathe some life into my bones
I've been lost and wandering
Down and out and missing home

(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
-Barns Courntey
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