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Originally Posted by SuperJ View Post
There are so many songs there I not only jam to, but LOVE! You have good taste.
As for your stories, I am amazed that you can divide your brain so much. And you still participate in the NES? My goodness…..

I've been recently focusing on one thing at a time. Learning the hard way, doing so much at once actually causes me to explode. If you'd rather have your CC here, in case emailing is too much work, I wouldn't mind taking a short break to help you out.
Clearly you have good taste in music too x)

lol unfortunately for me, my brain divides that much automatically. i have too many tabs open.. but heyy if you have any CC you can put it wherever works best for you. If you prefer email you can catch me at zelda1gypsy@hotmail.com
or if KP (or wattpad) is more convenient then you already know where to find me

I tip my hat and give thanks to you, good sir.
Little boy inside my chest
Breathe some life into my bones
I've been lost and wandering
Down and out and missing home

(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
-Barns Courntey
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