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Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
Alright folks, I need some advice on a very sensitive matter. Quick possible trigger warning for a few of you- this involves a friend who is at risk for possibly committing suicide.
A close friend of mine has been dealing with depression for quite some time, and is struggling with their gender identity on top of that. Theyíve stopped seeing a counselor but do have meds they try to remember to take. Since we go to different schools itís usually difficult to read how theyíre doing at any given time over text. But today we shared a conversation that has me reasonably worried.
In their texts they admitted to me theyíve been feeling increasingly like they donít belong in their body and have been feeling more and more suicidal, but donít yet plan on acting on it. With a bit of prompting from me, they also admitted they have a few possible suicide plans and may potentially have the means to carry them out.
Normally Iíd have no qualms about reporting this to their mother or some kind of school resource, but Iím worried losing their trust now might prove harmful to their future wellbeing.
Their mother is very progressive and already knows about and supports their gender identity. She also knows theyíre depressed and set up counseling for them awhile back.
The problem is that if i tell their mother and she confronts them about it (which Iím pretty sure she will) it could serve to make things tenser at home and not actually do any good. When they first told their mother they were depressed they ended up feeling super guilty about it because their mom started crying and blaming it on fruits and vegetables and etc, so Iím worried their mother might make things worse. They also wonít do any therapy anymore because it makes them uncomfortable, and I believe frequently forget to take their meds.
If i tell their mother now, what if it doesnít help anything? What if I just lose their trust without actually helping them at all and when the time comes that theyíre really considering it in the moment, they wonít trust me enough to call me or someone else?
I feel like I should share the messages with their mother, but they arenít very social and Iím scared that if the time comes and they donít trust me enough to come to me for help, they Just wonít go to anybody at all.
Typing this out, Iím feeling more confident that I still need to show the messages to their mother, but Iíd still appreciate any comments or advice you may have.
Wow, that's tough. I think you should probably tell their mother, because even if means that your friend would be mad at you, at least they would be alive. Hopefully they will realize that you only told their mom out of desire for their well-being.

I know not every situation is the same, but a while ago I had a friend who told me and my other friend that she was planning on committing suicide the next day and I called someone who could get in contact with her parents immediately. I do not regret it. It turned out that she probably wasn't going to go through with it but nevertheless I think it's better safe than sorry.
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