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This is such a minor thing but it has me so freaking upset at myself. Iím taking an online writing course thatís centered in New York that has weekly lessons and assignments and I was so determined to not turn anything in late but itís only the first week and I already did. I forgot New York is several hours ahead of where I live and so even though itís on time in my time zone, itís counted as late on the actual course.
And itís so small, since all that will really happen is that itíll take up to 30 days to be graded instead of up to 7, but I feel really frustrated and like the teacher is going to think Iím slacking and lazy and not taking the course seriously. and like I donít know I just want to cry for some reason and I feel like a failure and like my parents and grandmother spent all this money to give me this opportunity and Iím just (language cover your eyes if youíre smol) fucking it up.
Maybe I just need to get some sleep.
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