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Ok, so Undertale AU (I don't know if you can tell but I'm obsessed with Undertale). It's called UnderASpell, and it's set in a timeline where the human-monster war never happened. There's a weird guy called the Toy Maker, and he enchanted a couple of monsters so they look like toys. Everyone who originally died in Undertale was ripped up and/or bought from the toy shop. The Dreemur family are plushies, Sans and Papyrus are action figures, Undyne is like a Barbie but badass, Alphys is a plastic dinosaur toy, Muffet is a marionette, Mettaton is one of those wind-up music boxes (and instead of flipping his switch you wind him up), the Amalgamates are like Play-Dough if you know what I mean, and humans are rag dolls. What's actually happening when you're fighting the monsters is people who come into the toy shop are playing with Frisk and whoever they're fighting.
Well, I don't know what to put here. I'm a weirdo who likes drawing, listening to Undertale remixes and covers of Vocaloid songs

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