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Unhappy What Am I Supposed To DO?!

My mom is just being a witch all the time. B-B-B-B- witch. Anyways.
So today she was being a donkey, and I don't even know what started it. I rolled my eyes or something minimal and stupid and could've been ignored- BUT NO. She's being all sassy with me, and crap like that. Then, a few shouts later, she tells me in short that I have to decide whether I want to go to my friend's thirteenth birthday party (which, I can't even sleep over for, one perk of homeschooling that I CAN'T DO...), or if I want to go and ride my horse (which I really need to work him, haven't ridden him since last Thurs, AND my friend Abby is counting on me for a ride.). So yeah. THEN I go downstairs and APOLOGIZE to her (with a bit of attitude, but that's to be expected, right?) and she starts on a tirade on how I'm "starting to be a burden on my family" and how it would be possibly "good" if I went to a public high school next year instead of homeschooling! Oh, thank you! :/ AKA- mom, you suck. :/ WHAT IN THE NAME OF PICKLE JARS SHOULD I DO?!?!?! She's like impossible to please! She is on my case ALL THE FREAKING TIME about EVERYTHING! Literally! She started telling me off one day when I was practicing violin on my posture, saying how this girl (who is an absolute jerk) had really good posture and could I do that? O_O I was like, NO WAY ARE YOU SAYING THIS! Because she has never taken lessons on an instrument except for guitar when she was young, and she quit that because she NEVER practiced, literally! :/ And then she is all like, "I really want you to get straight A's for this year in all your subjects!" And then she also is all, "Oh, are you happy with that?" when I said that i got Second Violin, Third Chair in my orchestra, implying through body language that she wasn't. And then she just opens the door (KNOWING that I'm in a Latin class right now) and hands me a note that's supposed to be an apology (I think?), "I am tired of being treated lieka servant. Think about my life... I willingly and gladly put you kids first. Baseball, horseback riding, etc., etc., etc. But when you are rude with words or gestures, I cannot belittle myself any longer." THE END. No sorry, no love you, NOTHING.
So yah. :/ And KP (hahaha, she doesn't know about Writer's Block... :P), and both my email accounts are suspended for TWO WEEKS 'cause I made a small sex JOKE! to my neighbor(I wasn't being rude, it was pretty funny, AND it fit the conversation. So it's not like I was really a bad girl or whatever. It was kind of fitting to the moment). So yeah. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!
Gosh, at least I have my music and WB and my dad. :/

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