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ugh all I can manage to write now is rambles and romantic stuff about my ocs (well technically they're mine and ena's; ena came up with one of them and I came up with the other and they're the physical embodiment of teenage angst it's AMAZING) but I really want to write, and at the same time I can't be motivated to do anything if anyone gets what I'm saying.

Anyways just so that I can finally get something down on paper ("paper", but whatever you know the term) I'm gonna ramble on about my characters again. No spoilers really, since I don't even know if I'm going with my current plot (I'm always constantly changing it), but the one constant in my story are these two adorable lovebirds.

So Quinn and Toshiyuki are assassins, and they're almost equally matched in every way except for magic/sorcery, which scored Quinn the equivalent of a kinda 'captain' position among the assassins, while Toshiyuki is only the vice captain.
Tosh is kinda bitter at nature and doesn't really have any friends among the assassin group; he's the closest to Quinn because they have to work closely on missions, but he's overall more of an outlier and causes Quinn quite a bit of trouble, whether intentional or not. He kinda has a inferiority complex I think, and compares himself to Quinn all the time, even though he isn't actually worse than she is and they can be said to be equals.
Quinn plays more by the rules and keeps up a friendly facade well enough with her subordinates- she doesn't smile much around them, but is generally kind. However, her subordinates are mostly older than she is. Her mother died early on and her father works for the court/power, so she started her training earlier than others normally would, and was pretty gifted in fighting and whatnot, which made her advance quickly, drawing resentment from classmates that turned out to be her subordinates, so there's this whole hostile vibe going on, and as a result she's pretty lonely most of the time.

Tosh and Quinn have this sort of tentative relationship? Like Quinn wants to be his friend, except she's too proud to admit that, and also because Toshiyuki will gives her enough of a hard time that she doesn't want to open up to him and risk anything at the same time. Tosh has been hurt by friends before and realizes that he's not as good as any of them, so he doesn't really want to get hurt again, and also because of his pride.
anyway i gotta go bc my brother wants to use my cpu lmao so i'll talk abt it later probs.
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