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Want to be part of our co-write? If you want to join the Brainwashed co-write, please submit a character as well as a sample of your writing. (Around 500 words)
We want to make sure the authors' writing styles are similar, so that the story can flow smoothly. The characters should also fit into the plot and shouldn't be too overpowered or unbalance the story.
You should fill out the form below:

Author Name:
How often are you online? How often are you able to respond to the co-write?
Can you give us an excerpt of your work? (A link or copy-pasted below are both fine)
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Gender and Sexuality:
Character Appearance:
Character Personality:
Character Backstory:
Character Motives/Side (Are they part of the Main group? A loner? A recurring secondary character? An antagonist?):
Character Powers (does your character have any extra powers? This is not a necessity; some characters have powers and some don't):
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